Oscar M. Diaz-Jacuinde

@oscmdiaz is a multimedia journalist, community organizer, and queer brown immigrant educator.

They are equipped with tools and knowledge (and forever learning them, too) of the media landscapes we navigate, produce, and consume. They are particularly interested in the ways experiences extend through new media and allow people to reach a tipping point toward ideas, messages, and behaviors.

They can often be found behind the scenes coordinating events, documenting communities in resistance, uplifting Latinx creatives (@nulatinx), scrolling through an infinity of #hashtags, and always @oscmdiaz online.

They are fueled by a hustle and drive to create social change through community organizing and storytelling, with a focus on issues pertaining to human rights, including queer and trans liberation, gender equity, racial justice, immigrant rights, economic inequality and sustainable global development. 

Based in New York City.
Often in San Diego, CA and Tijuana, MX.

For booking and inquiries, email oscmdiaz@gmail.com.